Just when you thought you were rid of me…

I’m back!

Did you miss me?

I didn’t actually go anywhere.  I was just playing hooky, blog-style.

When I was a junior in high school, I took a semester-long creative writing class.  One of our projects was to write up a small booklet of poetry.  Each poem had to be a different style (we had a list of styles to choose from), and they all had to fit a common theme.

I worked hard on that booklet, but I wasn’t happy with the end result.  When I wrote up the last page, which was supposed to be a “what I’ve learned” recap, I told my teacher that I had learned that it is “difficult to imitate inspiration.”  He circled that sentence and wrote a note of agreement alongside of it, and I’ve remembered that lesson ever since.

That’s what I’ve hit here.  I was trying to post every day, but it’s difficult to imitate inspiration.  I was getting burned out, and I wasn’t proud of the posts that I was putting up.  If I’m not having fun here, what’s the point, anyway?  And if I’m not going to write good stuff, why are you here?  Neither of us is getting paid for it!

So from now on, I post what I want to post, when I want to post it.  If I wanna do a Makeshift Monday, Tasty Tuesday, or Works-For-Me Wednesday, I will, but I’m not promising them every week.  If you don’t like checking here each day and not knowing if you’ll find something, get a feed reader and subscribe to me.

I’m done worrying about all y’all.  You’re here cuz you like me, right?  So, I may as well be 100% me.


Okay, I feel better now.

Time to go get some chocolate chips find something to snack on drink a big glass of water.


WFMW: Stick-free Eggs Without Teflon


Let me begin this post by saying that some of you may read this and say, “Duh! Everybody knows that!”

Um, no. Not everybody.

Thanks to the feminist movement and the rise in boxed dinners, fast food, and other monstrosities, many of us made it through childhood without learning even what was once considered the very basics of cooking. I’ll never forget the first time I made a soup that was supposed to contain squash. The recipe didn’t tell me directly to cook the squash, and it was only after cutting into it that I realized that I was making a mistake. A quick Google search told me what I had missed, and I shamefully hid the squash deep within our garbage can, serving the soup without mention of what it was supposed to contain. Somehow, we as women feel that we’re supposed to intuitively know how to cook. How are we supposed to know what we haven’t been taught??

Okay, enough with my rant! Back to eggs!

When Dan and I were first married, I got a sexy set of Teflon-free pans. But after months of laboriously scrubbing eggs off of my omelet pan, and then months more of refusing to make eggs, we finally bought some Teflon. When it started chipping a few months ago, I started looking for an alternative, and, a few weeks ago, I found the solution!

I now use that same omelet pan to cook scrambled eggs, and clean-up is as simple as it was with the Teflon pan.

The secret?

Start with a hot pan. I mean hot. Stick that thing on the burner with nothing in it, and heat it until it is hot enough to cook on. THEN, only then, add some butter. One or two tablespoons. It should melt quickly, then bubble, and it might even brown within a minute. Good. You did it right.

Now add your eggs and cook ’em. See? Isn’t that amazing? It’s like you’re using Teflon, but without the cancer-causing toxins!

Apparently, the problem lies with oil and water and their inability to mix, according to a website I found. When your pan is cold, microscopic particles of water sit on it or in the pores and tiny cracks in the metal. You put the oil or butter on, but it can’t perfectly coat the pan because of the water. When you heat it first, the metal expands, allowing the release of every last drop of quickly-evaporating water. NOW you add your oil or butter, and it can truly coat the pan and prevent sticking. At least, that’s what I was told.

But in reality, who cares WHY it works, as long as it works! Anything that lets me make food safely works for me!

WFMW: Banana Bread Made Easy


First of all, let me just let you all know that, while this button says Rocks In My Dryer, this week is actually being hosted by Don’t Try This At Home, so that’s where the button will actually take you.

Okay, this almost seems too obvious to post, but since it took me so long to realize the advantage of this method, I thought maybe a few of you would appreciate it, too. Don’t slap your forehead too hard!

Okay, so here’s what you do. You line your bread pan with a generous amount of tin foil. Like so.


See how the foil reaches the bottom of the pan on the OUTSIDE on either side? So the original piece was about as long as 5 times the width of the pan.

When the banana bread (or other quick bread) comes out of the oven, you can easily lift it from the pan using the foil edges. This allows it to cool more quickly, so that it will be ready to slice.


When you’re ready to store the loaf, you can simply fold the foil back over it to seal out the air and keep it moist.


Look at your pans! No scrubbing!


Remind me why I ever made banana bread without foil?