It’s a Giveaway! – CLOSED – Thanks!


Hello, all! Welcome to the first Bloggy Giveaway at Makeshift Mama!

Have you heard of gDiapers? They’re the environmentally friendly diaper alternative that is sweeping the U.S. They’ve recently been elevated to haute status when Vanity Fair revealed that Julia Roberts uses them!

Best of all, they are based here in Portland, and I can tell you for a fact that Kim Graham-Nye (co-owner) is the sweetest lady you will ever meet!

SOOO… this giveaway is for gDiapers merchandise! You will get a gDiapers beach ball, a gDiapers car window cling (“Leave less of yourself behind.”), and a gDiapers shopping tote made of organic cotton! Also included is a small pamphlet explaining how gDiapers work and how easy they are to use!


This contest is open to anyone in the continental U.S. with a valid email address. Just leave me a comment to get in on the fun!

Good luck, all! And don’t forget to visit Rocks In My Dryer for more awesome bloggy giveaways!


Why, what could this be?

Well, goodness me! If it isn’t the first issue of my free subscription to Health magazine!How did I ever get so lucky, you ask?

Well, let me tell you!

I joined SheSpeaks several months back. It’s a website for women that allows you to test new products and give feedback, and they pay you with free stuff! I spent a few minutes surfing around the new MyAOL page, and they gave me a 6-month subscription!

Now I’m not being paid to endorse this (obviously – my audience isn’t big enough!). And to be honest, this was the only opportunity that I’ve received to test a product since I signed up. But hey, free magazine! Who couldn’t use some health tips to start the new year off right?

If SheSpeaks sounds cool to you, go check it out!

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Review: Apples to Apples

I just have to tell you all about Apples to Apples, because it is arguably the best card game EVER.

I played it once in high school, and we’ve played it several times with Dan’s family. Finally, last month, we broke down and bought the game.

Well, that is to say, I harassed Dan until he agreed.

We’ve played it with various members of my family 3 times since then, and few things bring me more joy! Let me share the merriment with all y’all:

Everyone has seven red cards. The red cards are nouns. Random nouns like “Mel Gibson,” “Machine Guns,” and “My First Kiss.”

There is a stack of green cards. The green cards are adjectives. Funny adjectives like “Sick” or “Sensual.”

So when it’s your turn, you are the judge. You draw a green card and read it aloud, then lay it on the table.

Everyone chooses a red card that they think the judge will like. It can be literal or funny, but it must pair with the adjective.

When everyone has passed a card to the judge, the judge mixes them up and reads them aloud. Everyone gets a good laugh, and they often inspire some incredibly hilarious, random comments from the players!

After the judge reads them all, he chooses which one he likes best.

“What the heck? This one is hilariously ridiculous!”

“Was it yours, Matt? It sounds like you!”

Matty wins again! He wins a lot, cuz he’s pretty darn funny. Brian gives him the green card. At the end of the game (which we play till we get bored, but technically you stop sooner than that), whoever has won the most green cards wins.

Here we have the green card “Busy.” The submitted red cards were “A Bull Fight,” “Industrial Revolution,” “Machine Guns,” “Antarctica,” and “Hangnails.” Matt, the judge, chose Antarctica, because it’s cool, plus it’s got lots of moving glaciers.

MY card was Machine Guns. Dang nabbit!

Like I said, some pretty hilarious things are said during this game. My favorite came after Matt read off a bunch of cards, including one that said “Lemons.” Apparently, “lemons” is one of his favorite words. Flushed with excitement, he exclaimed, “Me and Jake made a website about lemons once! It was so YELLOW, it was AWESOME!”

It’s still hilarious, and that was 3 weeks ago.

In fact, the first time I played this with Dad and Matt, I shot water out my nose for the first time ever (and I hope also the last time). It was THAT DARNED FUNNY.

So, seriously, you have to get this game. Nothing will keep you happy and healthy in 2008 like a great big dose of laughter!