How to Make Frog Invitations

Finished Froggy

These turned out so cute!  And they were easy!  Best of all, I came up with them all by myself, which gives me some serious bragging rights… Woohoo!

Wanna make some?

To make twelve invitations, you will need:

  • 2 Pieces of Green Construction Paper (I chose two different shades)
  • 2 3×5 cards or other stiff paper
  • 24 googly eyes
  • Elmer’s Glue
  • Scissors
  • Black pen or thin marker
  • Decorative 81/2 x 11 paper suitable for printing

Let’s start with a plan!  I sketched out the shapes I would need on 3×5 cards, and cut them out.

frog invitation templates

The top oval is the head, and the bottom one is the body.  The left foot is for both front feet, and the right leg and foot is for both back legs.  I took a paper cup, cut off the rim, and squeezed it slightly to give me a good oval shape to trace.

Something I read recently said that human instinct causes us to think that disproportionately large heads are cute, since babies have disproportionately large heads.  I decided to use that principle here.

Time to cut out!  I folded a light green and dark green paper each into sixths.  Arranging carefully, I was actually able to fit the head, the body, and two each of the legs, plus two little circles for the eyes, onto a single sixth of construction paper.  I cut all 6 layers at once to save time.

Frog Parts

To add interest, I used contrasting colors for the head and body versus the legs and eyes.

Time to assemble!

Gluing Head to Body

First step, glue the head to the body (I used regular old Elmer’s glue).

Glue for Front Legs

Frog Legs!

Next, apply two dots of glue to the center of the body and glue the front legs on.  If, like mine, your froggy feet are a little crooked, you can flip one of the legs backwards to make them symmetrical.

Froggy Eyes

Next, glue the eyes to the top corners of the head, making sure that they stick out above the head.

Froggy Butt Glue

Frog Hind Legs

Now, flip him over and add a couple dots of glue to his little butt.  Glue his hind legs into place.

Googly Eyes

Finally, glue on some googly eyes.  I bought my baggie of them at the Dollar Tree.  Can’t beat that!

Let them dry on parchment paper, then use a pen or marker to add a mouth and nose.

Mouth and Nose

Now, if you’re doing this for a little boy, you may wish to stop reading now, or at least give the next part your own little twist.  But this was supposed to be a PURPLE froggy party for my little princess, and so far, we had no purple.  Moreover, I was dismayed to discover that neither of my packages of construction paper contained purple.  What to do?

Well, I dug around in the art cabinet and found a dried up bottle of purple glitter paint.  I added some water, let it sit for a bit, and then gave Ariel a paint brush and a piece of poster board.

Purple for Crowns

Once it dried, I cut rectangles from it and glued them to the back of each frog, purple side facing forward.   I left a good inch above the head of each frog.

I cut around the body, and then cut a little crown from the piece above the frog’s head.

Crowned Princess Frog

Last step, I promise!  I typed out a short invitation message and printed it on a piece of green scrapbooking paper, and glued that to the back.

Invitation Text

And there you have it!  Aren’t they super cute!??  Felicity loved running around with hers, croaking “ibbit!  ibbit!”  I’m told that her cousin did the same thing!


A Do-It-Yourself Frog Birthday Party

When I consulted with Ariel in early January about her birthday, I asked her what kind of a party she wanted.
“Mmmm, purple!” she quickly decided.

“Okay, purple, we can do that!  Is there anything else you want it to be about?  Like maybe an animal?  Do you want a horsey party, or a kitty party, or a doggy party, or a froggy party, or –”

“A froggy party!  Yeah!  Yeah!  A froggy party!”

And so it was decided.  My little girl’s 3rd birthday party – her first themed party – would be a froggy party.

My budget was, well, no money.  But I kinda wanted that Martha Stewart, I-did-it-all-myself-and-don’t-you-wish-you-were-as-perfect-a-mom-as-I-am look (me?  vain?  never!), so I figured maybe I could make that work WITH the lack of budget, in my favor.

Well, suffice to say, by the end of the party, the other moms there were calling me “Martha.”  😀 Wanna see how I did it?  Stay tuned!

Getting Organized for Cold and Flu Season

KK, so my Village Green ladies and I are supposed to be taking pictures of our homes or things/people in our homes as if they were for a magazine article, and posting them.  So here’s my first one.


And here’s my little mini-article, for good measure:

With the cold and flu season upon us, now is a great time to reorganzie your medicine cabinet!  This can be a daunting task after months of haphazard grabbing and shoving.  Here are a few quick tips to get your started!

  • Start by clearing off a counter or table nearby.  You’ll need room to sort your medications in full view.
  • Toss anything empty, expired, or no longer needed (like that teething medication for your preschooler!)
  • Separate your pills by usage.  Try grouping them into Cold Remedies, Pain Killers, Supplements, Gastrointestinal Aids, etc.  When you’re looking for something to keep your nose from dripping at work, you’ll be so glad to have a selection of cold remedies in one spot!
  • Label and replace.  Decide where each group will go, and put it away.  Labels will make everything easy to find later, and will help everyone remember not to put the vitamins with the cough drops.
  • Now take a look!  What is missing?  Maybe you have plenty of cough drops, but no decongestants!  Take a minute to think through what you may need this winter and add it to your shopping list.

It only takes a few minutes, and you’ll be thanking yourself all winter long!

What happens when you mush all the neon playdough together?

This post is dedicated to Sarah, the Queen of Tie-Dye.

That medium purple color?  That’s the final color, when they’re all mixed.  WAY better than the yucky brown that comes from primary colors!

I made some playdough.

Seriously, I did.  And it. was. awesome.

And so easy!

It really makes me wonder why people purchase playdough at all.

Rae Ann suggested giving Ariel playdough a few weeks back.  Ariel went through a phase where she was ladling wet foods onto chairs and her sister’s head

Every. Single. Day.

Cereal. Yogurt. Cottage cheese.

It was…  infuriating.

I vented to Rae Ann, and she assured me that this was simply a phase of discovery that kids go through, and that she needed playdough so that she could explore texture without angering Mommy.  It sounded like sage advice, so, this past Tuesday, I went for it!

I used this recipe from Apartment Therapy, and it took only a few minutes to make a thick dough out of stuff I already had in my cupboard.  Then I used some neon food coloring to make some really great, girly colored playdough.

Ariel, as you can probably imagine, was enthralled when I presented her with her first lump.  She didn’t really know what it was, but it was mushy and it was hers!

After I was done coloring all four lumps of dough (it’s really fun kneading food coloring into dough and watching the colors become brighter and brighter!), I got down on the floor with her and demonstrated the wonders of playdough, by rolling balls and ropes and fashioning a little playdough girl.  This was so cool!  Ariel immediately requested that I make a boy and Grandma.

Once all three little people were spread out in front of her, she got to work on what she considered the most important task in building people: embellishing them with fanciful “pees.”

By the time she was done, Grandma looked like a very well-endowed man.

We’ve gotten out the playdough every day since.  It’s ridiculously easy to clean up, and, since it’s made of food, I don’t have to worry about Felicity sticking a little in her mouth.  We’ve made balls and snakes and cups and trees and flowers – I can make a killer rose! 🙂

It’s so fun watching my daughter come up with new and creative ways to use playdough, and it stretches my own mind as I try to come up with new things to show her.

Today, I made a teddy bear!

Is it silly that I still feel a sense of pride when my little sculptures turn out well?

Luna Bella’s Birthday

Ariel’s closest friend is Luna, and my closest friend is her mommy, Navi.  Monday was Luna’s second birthday, and I wanted to take this time to show you her gift.  I really wanted to do something heartfelt, meaningful, and unique.  So here’s what I came up with.

For the few of you who may not know, “Luna” means “moon” in several languages.  In her case, it’s Italian, a language that her daddy loves.  Her mom has always been in love with the moon, and they chose her name as a nod to both parents’ passions.

Included with the moon, which is meant to be hung from her ceiling, is a blessing:


May you treasure your name and the love with which it was chosen.

May your hands help the needy and comfort the sad.

May you blossom like a flower, growing and opening to reveal your inner beauty.

May you see and love the beauty of those who are different from you.

May you take pride in your unique heritage.

May you find beauty in the simple things.


May angels watch over you.

May you create beauty out of utility.

May you never doubt your great value.

May you remember that, just as the moon reflects the sun, so your beauty, intelligence, charm, and grace reflect Someone far greater than yourself.

May your feet be quick to run from evil and rush to those in need.

May you be seen and admired for the perfect rose you are – beautiful, complex, delicate, and fierce.

May you remember that your life, like the moon, waxes and wanes. May you never boast in the good times, nor despair in the bad, but may you always be ready for the next phase in the cycle of your fortune.

May you wield with discernment the passive power that you command, for though the moon sits peacefully in the sky, it silently commands the oceans, the crops, the cycles of women and the minds of men.

May you shine.

Nearly every item on the moon has a meaning which directly corresponds to one of the blessings.  All but one of the items were objects found around the house.  I felt that scavenging for the decor added a touch of… sincerity?  I can’t find exactly the right word, but, essentially, it helped make the moon the very opposite of “canned.”

Making this moon was so therapeutic.  It was wonderful to watch it come together and take pride in something that I was creating.  I haven’t spent nearly enough time expressing my creativity in recent years, and the feeling of euphoria that I got from this project has inspired me not to put the hot glue gun away quite yet!

Happy Birthday, Luna!  We love you!

Joining the Party

Nester is having a Window Mistreatment Party, and I thought I would join in!

For those of you who don’t know, a window mistreatment is essentially a makeshift window treatment – something that is fast, cheap, does not require sewing, and instantly spruces up the room. Nester is the QUEEN of mistreating windows, and she’s invited up all to join her!

So… here is what our bedroom windows looked like when we moved in:

I gotta admit, I was kinda perplexed about how to handle that little problem corner. BUT… one round side table, two scarves, and two panels of cheapo apartment-type curtains from Freecycle later, and I think it looks a lot more inviting.

Using Nester’s technique of hanging the curtains above the actual window really added height to the room, I think.

Then there’s my kitchen. Do you guys remember my first mistreatment in there? The napkins? Here it is, to refresh your memory:

Well, then I found a cute tiered valance set at Goodwill for $4. I put the valance on the kitchen window, and then I ironed and pinned and tucked until I had turned the little curtain panels into a second valance for the dining room window.

I really think it helps pull the room together!

Finally, we have the girls room:

Nothing fancy, just a $3 cloth shower curtain from Goodwill, cut in half and hung with the cut edges against the wall so that the seamed sides are visible. I used those sharp curtain hooks (left over from the bedroom curtains) to hang them, and then use a little piece of purple ribbon to hold them together in the center. With a cheap light-blocking shade beneath it, it makes a great little makeshift curtain.

So there you have it! Hope you’ll hop on over to The Nesting Place and see what the other ladies have done with their windows!