Looking for Ideas

My chiropractor gave me an assignment today:
Come up with a regular exercise routine that I can do with (or despite) the girls.

I have a few magazine articles with some individual body-sculpting poses I want to do, but it’s not enough to put together a whole routine that would up my heart rate and leave me a little worn out by the end.

Anybody have any ideas?  Suggestions?  Good links?



3 Responses

  1. planks
    bicycle crunches

  2. If you can find a used stationary bike or elyptical (sp?) machine they work great.

  3. I would suggest a mini trampoline like mine for getting up your heart rate, but no – not a good plan. I’ve tried it with them around and It tends to draw the girls attention and next thing you know little Foofy fingers can get pinched or jumped on when she sneaks up behind you. (I avoided it happening just in time!)
    Good luck with this!

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