Sometimes, I like being told what to do.

The Great Rae Ann has spoken, and I must obey.

Haha! Just kidding!  Rae Ann and I have become a lot closer in the last year, and, as such, some of my little-cousin-fear has given way to a plain ol’ friendship.

But when she emailed me this morning and told me that I HAD to do NaBloPoMo again this year, I decided to go for it, not out of little cousin copy-cat syndrome, but because I really and truly enjoyed the challenge last year, and am excited at the thought of doing it again.

So here we go!  30 days, 30 posts!

Are you ready for this craziness?

Cuz I’m getting excited just thinking about it….


3 Responses

  1. Good for you!

  2. Look forward to reading what you come up with!


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