Getting Organized for Cold and Flu Season

KK, so my Village Green ladies and I are supposed to be taking pictures of our homes or things/people in our homes as if they were for a magazine article, and posting them.  So here’s my first one.


And here’s my little mini-article, for good measure:

With the cold and flu season upon us, now is a great time to reorganzie your medicine cabinet!  This can be a daunting task after months of haphazard grabbing and shoving.  Here are a few quick tips to get your started!

  • Start by clearing off a counter or table nearby.  You’ll need room to sort your medications in full view.
  • Toss anything empty, expired, or no longer needed (like that teething medication for your preschooler!)
  • Separate your pills by usage.  Try grouping them into Cold Remedies, Pain Killers, Supplements, Gastrointestinal Aids, etc.  When you’re looking for something to keep your nose from dripping at work, you’ll be so glad to have a selection of cold remedies in one spot!
  • Label and replace.  Decide where each group will go, and put it away.  Labels will make everything easy to find later, and will help everyone remember not to put the vitamins with the cough drops.
  • Now take a look!  What is missing?  Maybe you have plenty of cough drops, but no decongestants!  Take a minute to think through what you may need this winter and add it to your shopping list.

It only takes a few minutes, and you’ll be thanking yourself all winter long!


Ideal Woman vs. Ideal Me

I’ve been thinking lately (uh-oh!), and I’m beginning to realize that there is a huge difference between my concept of an ideal woman, and the actual best version of me.  Here is a comparison – Ideal Woman is who I believe I’m supposed to be, and Ideal Me is what I imagine myself doing while still feeling true to myself and being happy.

Ideal Woman: Drinks tea every morning

Ideal Me: Limits coffee to once or twice a week, in a fun cappucino mug, to savor the whole  experience.  I will NEVER enjoy tea.  I might learn to deal with it, but I will never see it as indulgent or relaxing.

Ideal Woman: Jogs and does yoga or Pilates at least 5 days a week

Ideal Me: Starts up rollerblading again.  Climbs on the slide and the couch with her kids.  Hoists herself up on every counter she can get away with.  Balances on curbs.  Sees the world as a big jungle gym where she can constantly challenge herself just to answer the question “can I?” or to make herself laugh.  I will NEVER exercise regularly for prolonged periods of time.  I am not an athlete in my identity, I do not enjoy training toward a goal, and I could not possibly feel like a happy, fulfilled person while knowing I have to get up every morning and lace up my running shoes.

Ideal Woman: Strictly vegan, eats lots of leafy greens, fresh fruit, and nuts.

Ideal Me: Tries to save dairy for special occasions, since she’s allergic.  Eats fruit pretty frequently, and nuts on occasion.  While I believe that my body would be its healthiest and most energetic if I was vegan, I will NEVER be able to deny myself all dairy products without self-pity.  And self-pity is not something I want to choose to live with all my life.  Realistically, that means that a happy, fulfilled me cannot be vegan.

Ideal Woman: Up before six every morning, takes in the sunrise, exercises, meditates, writes in her journal, etc.

Ideal Me:  Gets dressed and applies her makeup within an hour of waking up every morning, regardless of what’s happening that day.  I will NEVER be a morning person.  Not only is it not in my nature, but I love sleeping in and associate it with leisure, so forcing myself to get up freaking early every morning would again bring self-pity into my life.  Even if I developed the habit of getting up before six and my body adjusted to it, I could not sleep in on an occasional weekend or stay up late some night without messing up my body’s sleep cycles.  I would always feel contrained.

So those are the ones that I have recognized so far, although I’m sure there are more.  What unrealistic or unfair expectations do you tend to hold yourself to?  Is there an ideal model that you aspire to be like?

P.S.  I dyed my hair red yesterday.  With henna.  It’s redder than it looks in this picture.  It’s blotchy, and Dan thinks it’s all wrong for my skin tone, but I love it.  I can’t even tell you how much I love it, or why, for that matter….


I’m not really acing this NaBloPoMo thing this year…

Great Post

So I have this really great post planned.  Actually, it’s a series.  I was thinking it through and gathering some data for it yesterday.  Pretty excited.

Then I threw up this morning, at about 5:45am.  And the rest of the day has gone accordingly.

Dan was kind enough to take a day off work to care for the girls, which I am so very, very grateful for.  And so I spent most of the day in bed, or occasionally shuffling around the house, always armed with a large bowl and wrapped in a blanket.

It’s so cute when a two-year-old watches you puke.  “Oh!  You’re frowing up, mommy?  You’re really really sick?  I’m sowwy!  I frowed up yesterday in mommy and daddy’s potty.  I did.  You’re frowing up in the purple bowl, mommy?  The purple one, and not the blue one?  Oh!  I’m sowwy…”

Gross, but cute.  And the moral of the story is, of course, that my fabulous post will have to wait.  So will my Oregon Health Plan application, which was supposed to be RECEIVED by DHS today.  I sure am glad that they’re lenient…

Lazy Saturday

Saturdays are better with StumbleUpon.

Today, I came across a very powerful essay about girls, size, and self-worth, and I thought I’d share it with y’all.

So here you go.  Happy Saturday!

It’s over there!

My post for today is right here.


Last night was kinda crazy, and I totally forgot to post.

*hangs head in shame*

But I’ll make it up to you with TWO (count ’em: 1… 2!) post today!

First, this completely pointless and boring post apologizing for the lack of yesterday’s post.  Lucky you!

Second, a real, super-awesome post later today.  Or at least moderately awesome.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

See ya’ then!