What is our relationship to the police today?

This article was very interesting.  It makes some broad generalizations that I’m sure would be offensive to some, and that are certainly not true of every single civil servant, but it also makes some very valid points.

As our country tip-toes toward becoming a police state, these are things that all of us should be pondering.  Then watch this and this, and check out these as well.  With all the heavy-handed police stories on the news today, we all need to know our rights.


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  1. hmm…wow…intriguing. (Why is a shaved head on a 40-something male an unofficial yet recognized uniform for U.S. law enforcers?) The law professor/law enforcer tag-team presentation was very interesting, considering the venue (Regents Law School–founded and overseen by Pat Robertson) and the Regents graduate that Duane even referenced at the beginning of his talk: Monica Goodling, former top aide to former Atty. Gen’l Gonzales, and despite her pleading the 5th deeply responsible for the firings of the dozen U.S. attorneys last year, by any objective and thoughtful account. See this Boston Globe article:


    Yet, although the context arouses all my skepticism, and although I would guess I’m coming at the subject of police questioning from a North Portland perspective rather than a Pat Robertson perspective, I tend to agree with Duane. The cop, tho, was a tad too glib for me.

    But what a glorious exchange, between Duane, his implicit context, and my head! Thanks for this, Jenni….

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