I made some playdough.

Seriously, I did.  And it. was. awesome.

And so easy!

It really makes me wonder why people purchase playdough at all.

Rae Ann suggested giving Ariel playdough a few weeks back.  Ariel went through a phase where she was ladling wet foods onto chairs and her sister’s head

Every. Single. Day.

Cereal. Yogurt. Cottage cheese.

It was…  infuriating.

I vented to Rae Ann, and she assured me that this was simply a phase of discovery that kids go through, and that she needed playdough so that she could explore texture without angering Mommy.  It sounded like sage advice, so, this past Tuesday, I went for it!

I used this recipe from Apartment Therapy, and it took only a few minutes to make a thick dough out of stuff I already had in my cupboard.  Then I used some neon food coloring to make some really great, girly colored playdough.

Ariel, as you can probably imagine, was enthralled when I presented her with her first lump.  She didn’t really know what it was, but it was mushy and it was hers!

After I was done coloring all four lumps of dough (it’s really fun kneading food coloring into dough and watching the colors become brighter and brighter!), I got down on the floor with her and demonstrated the wonders of playdough, by rolling balls and ropes and fashioning a little playdough girl.  This was so cool!  Ariel immediately requested that I make a boy and Grandma.

Once all three little people were spread out in front of her, she got to work on what she considered the most important task in building people: embellishing them with fanciful “pees.”

By the time she was done, Grandma looked like a very well-endowed man.

We’ve gotten out the playdough every day since.  It’s ridiculously easy to clean up, and, since it’s made of food, I don’t have to worry about Felicity sticking a little in her mouth.  We’ve made balls and snakes and cups and trees and flowers – I can make a killer rose! 🙂

It’s so fun watching my daughter come up with new and creative ways to use playdough, and it stretches my own mind as I try to come up with new things to show her.

Today, I made a teddy bear!

Is it silly that I still feel a sense of pride when my little sculptures turn out well?


3 Responses

  1. So which color am I?

  2. You’re the blue one, mom! 🙂

  3. May I suggest adding a packet of Kool-Aid rather than food coloring? It adds color and smells soooo good.

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