Sarah Palin: Why McCain’s Pick is an Insult to Women

 REUTERS/Matt Sullivan

REUTERS/Matt Sullivan

We interrupt our regular programing to bring you a quick douse of cold water on the half-asleep faces of women all across America.  And if it has even CROSSED YOUR MIND to vote for John McCain solely because of his new running mate, that means this article is for YOU.

I could go off for a long time about the hypocrisy of McCain’s choice, especially after he has repeatedly lambasted Obama for his lack of political experience.  I could talk all about Mrs. Palin’s policies and why most of them fly in the face of what women as a voting whole (not every individual woman, mind you, but women as they have become a sort of political party of their own, with a common voice) stand for.  But I won’t.  Because why deliver a long, drawn out argument when I can keep it short and sweet and let you go read your other blogs or Stumble onto some Top 10 list of foods that will boost your energy?

So here it is, ladies:  McCain is insulting you.  He is insulting US, right under our noses, and if we don’t have the smarts to get the joke, we will become the punch line this November.

McCain is betting that America’s women are stupid enough to choose someone based on their chromosomes RATHER than on their policies.   And not even a President, but a Vice President, with far less power.  He is hoping that we will see that she has long hair and breasts and we will think, Wow, a chick!  Let’s get HER in the White House, no matter what policies she or McCain have!  Because, I mean, she’s a GIRL!

Come on!  Are we really THAT stupid?  Think of the woman in the world whom you despise most.  Is it Martha Stewart?  Rosanne?  That girl who made life hell for you in 8th grade?  How about that teacher who had a baby by her thirteen-year-old student?  Would she make a good President just because she’s female?  Would you really put ANYONE in the White House, as long as they had two X chromosomes?

(AP Photo/Juneau Empire, Brian Wallace)

(AP Photo/Juneau Empire, Brian Wallace)

God forbid that we are really that stupid, childish, and easily led astray.

I’m not going to go into Palin’s policies here, but all you need to do is run a quick Google search to see that her views have nothing in common with the views of American women as a voting group.  Off the top of my head, she is pro-life and pro-drilling in Alaska.  UrbanMamas also made an excellent point this week about her motherhood.

By choosing Palin, McCain is saying that he thinks that the majority of voting women are idiots.  By voting for him based on his running mate, we would be confirming this.

Now, as a final note, I want to clarify something.  While I do consider myself a Democrat and am excited to back Obama this November, I do not disagree with everything Sarah Palin says.  I, too, am pro-life, and I am not wholly opposed to drilling in Alaska.  There are quite a few issues on which Mrs. Palin and I agree, but that still doesn’t mean I would even consider voting for her.  Because it’s not Palin who is running for President, it’s McCain.  Is it worth it to give McCain the title of President and the great power and authority that comes with it, simply to make Sarah Palin our Vice President, with very little power in comparison?

That was a rhetorical question.  If you are still sitting there trying to think of an answer, please smack yourself on the forehead and try again.  You’re embarrassing me.

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9 Responses

  1. Goodness gracious! I don’t think you could be farther from the truth! To assume that the John McCain made this pick, against the wishes of much of his closest staff, only to pick up the woman vote is an insult to women itself! You are assuming that women are dumb enough to do just that!

    This pick is much more about the conservativism of the VP candidate and her reform minded stances than anything else! Sure, she is a woman, and a pretty one at that, but it has nothing to do with her sex. Her conservativism and relative youth gives the GOP ticket something that John McCain cannot possibly provide. And the base loves it. Therefore, John McCain not only made a pick he likes, cause he is a “maverick”, but a pick that will get the base riled up in his support, rather than riled up against Barack Obama.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Jared. I’m not insulting women or saying that we’re dumb, I’m saying that McCain thinks that. If he was looking for a conservative, reform-minded candidate, it would have been easy for him to find one with a few more years’ experience.

  3. I think you and Jared are both right – she’s the perfect package for McCain; She’ll give the conservative voters less to worry about while hopefully picking up a bunch of dispossessed Hilary supporters along the way.

    I like what the Daily Show had to say about it. Obviously a satire, but I know too many women who WILL vote “For Sarah Palin and her running mate” regardless of the actual politics and motivations behind the choice.

  4. The McCain campaign is going to have to tell us why they bypassed the lady Sarah Palin lost Miss Alaska to in 1984.

  5. great post, jen! i just finished reading the UM post (and all of it’s 60 comments) and am left shaking my head. i must say that this article ( has me shaking my head even more…

    so much for standing up for women’s rights… however, i suppose it was stupid to expect that from a republican ticket in the first place… man or woman.

  6. You said: “I’m not going to go into Palin’s policies here, but all you need to do is run a quick Google search to see that her views have nothing in common with the views of American women as a voting group. Off the top of my head, she is pro-life and pro-drilling in Alaska.” And what is wrong with those positions exactly? There are plenty of women out there, me and nearly all of my friends included, who wholeheartedly AGREE with her positions on issues such as you have mentioned and I think you should probably acknowledge that when you said above “the view of American women”, you should be more specific and say LIBERAL American women. “Voting groups” are based on polls and opinions given by small groups of people and are easily biased and slanted in any given direction, depending on how questions are asked. American women in general is not a fair statement because there are plenty of American women who believe in all the things you mentioned Sarah Palin stands for. While I don’t care for McCain’s views in every area, I think he chose a VP with intelligent political views and I am very interested to see what happens in November. I don’t begin to predict how it will all turn out, but I hope when this is all said and done, you will recognize your views are not the views of “American women” in general, but only a portion of that population. The rest of us count, too.

  7. GrannyNanny:

    The following are quotes from this article:
    “(not every individual woman, mind you, but women as they have become a sort of political party of their own, with a common voice)”

    “have nothing in common with the views of American women AS A VOTING GROUP.”

    Please tell me that you are familiar with phrases like, “The Latino Vote” or “The Black Female Vote” or “The Soccer Mom Vote.” Obviously, not every Latino votes the same way. I think you understood me when I used the term “American Women.”

    “I do not disagree with everything Sarah Palin says. I, too, am pro-life, and I am not wholly opposed to drilling in Alaska.”

    So, as for you other question, there is nothing wrong with those views, except that they are not in keeping with the political goals of “American Women,” and therefore SHOULD keep her from gaining the “American Woman” vote, assuming that we all as women choose to vote with our heads, not our… well… our lady areas.

  8. Rae Ann:

    Very interesting article! This is the second article that I have seen speculating about Bristol being Trig’s mother, and it really does seem plausible. People ask why it matters, and in many ways it doesn’t from a Democratic perspective, but from the viewpoint of an Evangelical Republican, she had good incentive to hide the pregnancy, and the fact that she did it is appalling.

    You hit the nail on the head about expecting Women’s Rights from a Republican ticket. I just hope others see that as plainly as you do.

  9. Mike and I have had some facsinating discussions about this topic (which is amazing, since I am allergic to politics), so I was excited to see your post.
    I wonder, if she were my friend would I advise her to run? A brand new special-needs baby, a son almost in Iraq and a grandbaby on the way. This has nothing to do with drilling in Alaska, gun rights or anything political, but it does give me pause.
    I sure would rather Dr. Condoleezza Rice on that ticket!

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