Teh Past

Like how I’m gettin’ all 1337 on ya?  If you don’t know what that means, you are so NOT in the club, n00b.  😛

Anywho, you’ve all missed the majority of the last few months, because I’ve been all lazy-like and not really updating over here.  It has felt like a very long case of writer’s block, mixed with apathy and general sloth and confusion.

Gosh I need coffee.  I cannot vouch for the quality of this post.  But I said, “Tonight, on MM,” so now I feel like I need to write this post tonight.

And then maybe go to bed?

Anyway, once I get going on what I’ve been doing and changing and how I’ve been growing, I can’t shut up, but I can’t for the life of me decide where to start.

So, why don’t you guys tell me!?

Should I start:

A. by telling you about a friendship that has grown very strong

B. by talking about my biggest character flaw and my struggle to overcome it

C. by telling you how my WoW addiction inspired me to begin a new business

D. by doing my first videoblog post and running at the mouth the way I would if we were having coffee together

Be sure to leave your vote in the comments!


Jenni, Season 3

Hello, and welcome back to my life! Did you miss me?

I truly am sorry that I’ve been away so long. But I am back now, and I plan to stay back. At least until I have to go again.

I want to say, first of all, just how much I appreciate all of you. You’ve been here for me through a lot of changes, and a lot of inconsistencies. You were there when I made my grandiose goals for the year, you were there when I charged head-on into those goals, and you were there when I realized that I was trying to be something I wasn’t.

You’ve been encouraging, you’ve been entertaining, and you’ve just BEEN there, reading, caring, passively providing me with a little bloggy family.

And there are few things that get me quite as excited as seeing another blog comment pop up.

So I have a flipping ton of stuff to tell you all about how my life has changed, how my perspective of myself has been altered, and how my goals for my life and future have consequently evolved. So much is happening right now in the world of me, and I’m not sure how I’ll be able to keep up with all of it, but I know that you will help me to stay positive and believe in myself.

Right now, I have work to do. But I’ll go into detail later. You can think of this as one of those teaser commercials for the first episode of the season.


POD: A Theme of My Own

Can you guess my theme?

Participating Again.

Today’s POD is themed, and the theme is “yellow.” This makes it a challenge, and, considering that Sarah called me lazy, I had to take the challenge. So here are my yellow pictures.

When the summer weather started and our lawn began turning brown, I was frustrated at first. Those of you in Oregon know well that the only way to keep a lawn green during the summer months is through an excessive amount of watering, and that sounded far too wasteful to Dan and me.

It began as an eyesore, but, over the past few weeks, it has turned into a beautiful field of blooms.