They’re making me do it.

Okay, so my lovely e-friend and gfriend, Sarah, put together a lovely little yahoo group for some of her buddies (hurray! I’m a buddy!), and she has challenged us to post a picture every day.

I’m only like a week and a half late. I’ve just been sitting there, reading other people’s posts, and being lazy. But the more I look at their pictures, the more I want to be involved, so I’m gonna get off my butt and start participating.

This morning was a perfect day for weeding. Cool and overcast – ideal outside weather when you have a rather debilitating phobia of wasps, like I do. I took Ariel outside with me, and she played with chunks of dirt and rock while I tackled some more of our forest of hay fever (and a few other miscellaneous menaces).


Here is my first Village Green Picture of the Day (PoD). I call it, “When Weeds Fight Back.”

When weeds fight back


One Response

  1. Looks like that thing has a pretty tight grip on you! Ugh! Keep fighting back and you’ll eventually win… then you use this lovely little thing God created called Caseron…

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