The tour begins!

Okay, so, I keep not posting because I feel like I don’t have all the pictures that I need, or the time to upload them all and narrate.  But you don’t want to see it all in one sitting, right?  You’d probably rather it be broken up into little easy-to-digest bits.  So that’s what we’re gonna do.

That said, welcome to my new home!  Come on in!  Sorry about the mess on the porch – I’m trying to get the yard presentable, and dirt and weeds tend to get set there.  Come on in – let’s start with the living room!

Here’s the entry area.  As you can see by the doll things lying about, we do a lot of playing in here!  It’s a big, bright room with a large bay window, and everyone gravitates toward it.

I love watching the girls play in this room.  And I love taking photographs in here – the sunlight through the window allows me to get really great shots of the girls!  They move so fast that all my pictures usually turn out blurry, but the bright light allows me to use a faster shutter speed on the little buggers.

Yesterday, Dan cleaned off Ariel’s climbing cube and moved it into the other corner of the living room.  It joined her rocking horse and push car – 3 active, energy-burning activities that she can do indoors.  With all the living room floor space and the big kitchen, Ariel has plenty of room to drive and rock away!  Felicity has a hard time keeping up with her little army crawl, but she’s getting faster every day!

Coming Soon: The Kitchen!


One Response

  1. I’m so glad you’re loving your new digs 🙂
    Someone asked me yesterday how I liked my new place and I told them I liked EVERYTHING about it.

    I love the idea of room by room posts.
    Can I steal your idea? I’m completely running out of ideas for Everyday in May, and last time I checked…It wasn’t quite over!

    P.S. Your girls are Adorable!!!

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