So much going on…

Every time I think about writing a post, I feel overwhelmed because there is so much to write. So let’s see…

Well, our move-in date has changed to the 12th. If you are free this weekend and think that moving our stuff with us sounds like loads of fun, call me! 😀

I caught Ariel huffing today – she had her leave-in conditioner in one nostril and was sniffing while saying “No-no, Foofy!” Right, blame it on the baby. I’m sure this is only the beginning of that tactic…

I’ve been thinking that our oven is broken, because I’ve burned two batches of cookies with it supposedly set at 325, only to try turning the knob later and find that it didn’t turn the light on until 425. Now I think that maybe I’m causing the trouble myself by putting two cookie sheets side-by-side, blocking airflow and trapping hot air away from the thermostat. Anyone have any experience with this?

Felicity has been a mess of crankiness and pain this last week. Some of it seems like teething, but not all of it. I’m going back off dairy just to see if it helps.

I’ve got a real blogging job! Check out and scroll down to check out my first post! More to follow, naturally…

I’ve got more to write, but I’ll do that when I’m feeling more inspired to write a long post. I don’t want to kill some of this stuff with choppy little sentences…

Love you all!


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  1. yay you’re back! I’ve missed you!

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