Like a Roller Coaster…

…keeps goin’ faster…  I’m pretty sure that’s a song from the… 70’s?, but since I was born in the mid 80’s, I really don’t know.

Anyway, that is the title of today’s post because I forgot to take my Zoloft this morning.

Just give that a moment to sink in, along with all the possible implications.

So, this afternoon, after spending about 20 minutes hating Dan because he wasn’t helping me with the girls, then feeling desperately in love with him the moment he did (did I mentioned that I cried at one point?), Ariel was going down for a nap, and she asked for some medicine.  I asked her if she wanted her”happy pills” (calms forte), and Dan said, “Does Mommy need HER happy pills?”  And suddenly, I realized he was right.

So I went and took them, and then I made Dan come lie in bed with me, where I told him in great detail how incredibly emotionally confused I felt.  After which he said, “So… that’s what it’s like to be a girl?”  And then he told me that I used to make this little sense about 5 days a week.  So apparently I have greatly improved.

I have no point to this post.  I have no capacity to create a point for this post.  Or any post.  Or anything at all.  I left a shoe out in the rain today instead of bringing it inside.  My reason?  It was still wet.  Dan made the point that it would probably get drier faster in our home.  The fact that he expected me to realize this demonstrates that he had no idea how poorly my mind has been functioning this week.

Meanwhile, my milk-dispensing apparati (the spell check says it’s apparatuses, but I prefer apparati) ache like nobody’s business, since a certain 14-pound someone has become very impatient with and abusive towards them.  And my two-year-old mysteriously forgot how to hold her bladder last night, resulting in a night sleeping in bed with Mommy and Daddy (yawn) and a lot of laundry.

Oh, and she hasn’t remembered again today.  We’ve gone through a lot of panties.

Send help!  Preferably coffee!


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