Saving Money on Prescription Drugs (You can, too!)

A few of you know this, but I don’t think I’ve come out and said it on the blog.  Oh no, wait, I have.

I am taking Zoloft.

I was diagnosed with postpartum depression back in…. November? I think it was November. Anyway, Zoloft was prescribed because it is safest for breastfeeding.

At the time, I felt like I couldn’t go another day without help. I was actually trying to get on the phone with a doctor on a Friday afternoon, scared to the point of tears that I would have to go the whole weekend feeling the way that I did. It had gotten gradually worse over the previous month or two, but, when Dan told me that he sometimes became frightened that I may have hurt the kids when I didn’t answer the phone right away, I realized that it was to a point at which I could not just cross my fingers and hope that it would get better.

So I got the prescription, and it was time to fill it. I had no insurance – the Oregon Health Plan stops for postpartum moms between 2 and 3 months postpartum, right about the time when true postpartum depression typically manifests. Not terribly conducive to helping with this particular problem…

My doctor called the prescription in to my pharmacist (Fred Meyer), and I called the pharmacist to find out what I would be paying.

Seventy-five dollars. For 30 days of generic meds. Ouch.

But, like I said, I felt like I couldn’t wait another day. Mom offered to help pay for half, which was very helpful, and I went to the pharmacy. But somewhere, in the back of my mind, I remembered something we had voted on the previous year – a measure forty-something that had passed by a wide margin. Didn’t it allow all Oregonians, regardless of income, to join a prescription drug program that negotiated lower prices for its members? I went home and googled “Oregon Prescription Drug Program.”

Whaddaya know? Sure enough, they didn’t need any income info from me, just my name and other basic info on a short form. It didn’t cost a penny. Within a week or so, my card came in the mail. It was so quick and painless!

A few weeks later, it was time to refill. I took the card to Fred Meyer, very anxious to find out how much I would be paying.
Wait for it…

Wait for it…


I’m serious.

That’s cheaper than many co-pays. And I’ve been paying that ever since, even when my prescription was upped from the 50mg tablets to the 100mg.

The sad thing is that, despite the fact that we all voted on it just a year and a half ago, very few Oregonians seem to know that it exists. I have spoken to many people who struggle with high prescription drug costs, and they are shocked to hear that there is assistance available that has no income guidelines. So I’m writing this post to spread the word.

Washington has a similar program. I don’t know if any other states do. But I’d encourage you to look into it, and to tell anyone you know in Oregon who uses prescription drugs that this is available to them.

This program is for insured people, too! If you consider yourself “under-insured,” you qualify! Here are a few paragraphs about the under-insured, from the state website:

With the passage of SB 362 the underinsured are now able to enroll in the OPDP. If an Oregonian considers themselves underinsured for Rx coverage they may enroll and use their OPDP cards to receive a discount on prescriptions they are purchasing. If a member has Rx insurance they should verify with their carrier that those Rx purchases made using the OPDP discount card will be accumulated toward their out of pocket expense.

Although the OPDP discounts are market competitive, if a member has an insured benefit they may also have a competitive discount that could offer an equal or better rate on their specific prescription. Members should be wise shoppers and see which card brings the best price for their prescriptions.

Go here to join, and here to look up your prescriptions to determine their cost under the program.



This is the only political speech that I have ever listened to all the way through without being bored.

I know who I’m voting for.

We got it.


Master bath

master closet

Move in date is April 15th.


One-Track Mind

All I can think about is that house.

Oh, I didn’t tell you about it? Maybe I was just too excited for words.

It has 3 bedrooms. Large bedrooms. 2 bathrooms. A jacuzzi tub. A huge walk-in closet. A large kitchen with an island. A pantry. A laundry room.

It is too fabulous for words. It’s not my dream house, per say, but it’s the closest thing to it that we could ever possibly hope to afford.

I never dreamed that such a house would ever be rented out at a price that fits our budget.

What’s the catch? I can’t find one. It’s in a nice location – one of the only one-levels amidst a nice little suburban-like neighborhood of new two-level homes. It’s on a corner, so traffic isn’t very fast.

All I can figure out is that it’s by the airport. Maybe the sound of planes flying low overhead decreases its value.

I don’t think I would mind the noise. I worked off of Airport Way for about a month two summers ago, and I thought that the constant sound of planes was actually kind of fun, and very easy to tune out when I needed to concentrate.

So then came the drama. They wanted cash for the application fee. While Dan ran to the nearest mini-mart for cash, another woman handed hers over. Dang!

After a week of waiting anxiously, we found out yesterday that the woman was turned down, and now it’s our turn. Today, the lesser said that they’re just waiting on our rental history report to come back from the background checking company. She’s probably sick of my constant calls.

I just can’t help it. I’m on the edge of my seat.

The living room is piled with boxes, but how can I pack when I don’t know if we’re moving? And how can I motivate myself to do anything OTHER than pack when I’m so preoccupied with this house? Help.

Someone come save us! We need a housekeeper, stat!

Just when you thought you were rid of me…

I’m back!

Did you miss me?

I didn’t actually go anywhere.  I was just playing hooky, blog-style.

When I was a junior in high school, I took a semester-long creative writing class.  One of our projects was to write up a small booklet of poetry.  Each poem had to be a different style (we had a list of styles to choose from), and they all had to fit a common theme.

I worked hard on that booklet, but I wasn’t happy with the end result.  When I wrote up the last page, which was supposed to be a “what I’ve learned” recap, I told my teacher that I had learned that it is “difficult to imitate inspiration.”  He circled that sentence and wrote a note of agreement alongside of it, and I’ve remembered that lesson ever since.

That’s what I’ve hit here.  I was trying to post every day, but it’s difficult to imitate inspiration.  I was getting burned out, and I wasn’t proud of the posts that I was putting up.  If I’m not having fun here, what’s the point, anyway?  And if I’m not going to write good stuff, why are you here?  Neither of us is getting paid for it!

So from now on, I post what I want to post, when I want to post it.  If I wanna do a Makeshift Monday, Tasty Tuesday, or Works-For-Me Wednesday, I will, but I’m not promising them every week.  If you don’t like checking here each day and not knowing if you’ll find something, get a feed reader and subscribe to me.

I’m done worrying about all y’all.  You’re here cuz you like me, right?  So, I may as well be 100% me.


Okay, I feel better now.

Time to go get some chocolate chips find something to snack on drink a big glass of water.

Makeshift Monday: Crazy-Easy Yogurt Smoothie

I went to Fred Meyer a couple days ago, and, because I get ravenously hungry quite often (hurray for breastfeeding!?) and because I am a selfish little thang, I bought myself a drinkable yogurt “smoothie.” I drank about half of it, and then stuck it in the fridge when I got home.

So, today, when Ariel needed a snack, the yogurt smoothie caught my eye, and I poured it into one of her glasses and gave it to her. But when she started asking for “mo’ moothie,” I had to get creative.

Enter the tub of vanilla yogurt, milk, Ovaltine, and a re-purposed jar.

I’ve been saving glass jars to use as food storage, and I pulled out a 2-cup (more or less) jar and the corresponding lid. I spooned in some yogurt, poured in some milk, added a couple teaspoons of Ovaltine (a very popular drink around here), and shook it hard. It poured out into her glass with the same slightly-creamy texture that the yogurt had, and, although I didn’t personally try any ( I was trying to resist dairy because I have a cold), she assured me that it was “mmm, yummy! Yummy moothie!”

So there you go! An easy, drinkable treat that is healthy (Ovaltine isn’t perfect, but it isn’t bad), inexpensive, and doesn’t require the use of a blender or more than a few seconds of prep time. Whee!

Food for Thought

“Well done, my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your Master’s happiness!”

“I’ll take better care of my things when I have nicer things to care for. Who cares? It’s crappy stuff, anyway!”

Sounds like God and I have slightly different views on stewardship…

Edit: Mom says this sounds like I disagree with God.  My point was that I tend toward the second view, when I need to be adopting the first.  KK?