Tasty Tuesday: Calling All Cooks!

As some of you may know, I’m really trying to decrease the amount of meat in our diets over here at Makeshift Manor. The trouble is, it’s hard for me to find many hearty, filling meals that do not incorporate meat. Yeah, I do a lot of meatless burritos, chili, and vegetable soups, but beyond that, it’s easy to get stumped.

Mr. Makeshift wants dinners to be “real dinner” – that means, from scratch, delicious, filling, and decidedly dinner-esque (not something that a person might just as easily have for breakfast or lunch, at least not most of the time). So tossing some veggies and hummus on the table and telling him to “dig in” isn’t really an option.

(Please, no hate comments for Dan. He’s a great guy, and me cooking real dinners was an original part of the plan when we got married. I’m happy to have that job, even though I don’t always feel particularly energetic about it.)

SO, I want to ask you all today – what are your favorite vegetarian, vegan, or near-vegetarian dinners? Oh, and I should say that I am not allowed to cook with tofu, by order of the lord of the manor.

You can leave a comment here with your recipe or a link to it, or you can email me at makeshiftmeals at gmail dot com. I’ll try any recipes that sound edible to both of us, take pictures (assuming you haven’t already blogged the meal with pictures), and review it with a link back to your blog. Not that I get a ton of traffic over here, but hey, every little bit helps, right?

Hurry! Dan’s starting to get hungry! 😉

Thanks, all!


5 Responses

  1. My sister and I post some of our favorite veggie recipes on our blog. I’ve been a vegetarian for some time and when I was first cutting back on meat I felt the same way: stumped for recipes that felt like real meals. Try this one for starters:


    There are lots of great food blogs out there that’ll give you some fresh ideas: Fat Free Vegan Kitchen is a great one off the top of my head.

    Good luck!

  2. http//allrecipes.com/Recipe/Butter-Chickpea-Curry/Detail.aspx If you like Indian food, this tastes like you ordered it from your favorite Indian restaraunt, but it’s easy and frugal and meatless. Spicy, but not hot and reheats well.

  3. Where did my rockin’ comment go? Do you want me to resubmit it?

  4. I want you to, Laura!

  5. one of my favorites is african peanut soup, red beans and rice, and my favorite, posole. my hubby hates it when meat is not included in a meal, but those dishes can be spicy enough that it doesn’t matter, and he doesn’t notice really, or at least complain.

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