Guess who turned 2 yesterday?

I know it isn’t a WFMW post, but I’m feeling rebellious this week (see Monday). I just wanted to tell you all that Ariel, my beautiful firstborn daughter, turned 2 yesterday afternoon at 1:49pm.


Ariel spent the day being over-indulged, and by late afternoon she had turned into a selfish little monster. I kept thinking of the expression, “Give ’em an inch, and they’ll take a mile.”

But in the evening, Grandma, Grandpa, Brian, and Matt came over, and the tantrums gave way to sheer joy! She greeted them at the door with excited twirling in her new dress. Such a girly girl!

Ariel’s present from Grandma and Grandpa was this doll. My mom asked what she should get Ariel, and I suggested the doll because it’s natural, soft, and everything I would want for her in a baby doll. Ariel is very interested in babies right now, and she has been playing with an old, beat-up plastic doll from my childhood, with the stuffing falling out and a big plastic battery casing in the middle of it’s body. Not ideal.

As I suspected she would, Ariel loved her new “beebee doll.” Here she is nursing it (“drink boob”) and gazing happily up at grandma.


Ariel’s present from Mommy and Daddy was a Goodwill steal that I found a couple weeks ago. I found this wooden push-toy for $3.99! I brought it home and rubbed it down with a cleaner of one part olive oil and one part lemon juice, and it was as good as new! A much better price than buying it new!


We suspected this would be a hit, since she loves her plastic one, and we weren’t disappointed. Ariel was pretty enthralled!

Both toys have been played with today, though neither one has been obsessed over. Really, I think that is a good sign – I would much rather she be somewhat interested in quality toys for a long time than to obsess over and then burn out on something cheap or mechanical. Not to mention that Mommy burns out on the electronic gadgets and their OBNOXIOUS NOISES pretty quickly!

I was happy with how the day turned out, and it was so nice not to have to deal with a bunch of brightly colored, noisy, cheap plastic presents. Ahhh!

In fact, I find myself playing with her “vacuum” myself. It feels kind of like “raking” one of those mini rock gardens that used to be all the rage to have on your desk. Very soothing.

P.S. The old doll and plastic vacuum are in hiding. If she doesn’t cry for them in the next month, they will be snuck out of the house. <Grins>


2 Responses

  1. […] Ariel’s “vacuum.” It cost $3.99. And odds are that it will last through both girls, and, if we keep it (which I think […]

  2. Happy belated birthday Ariel! The push toy is a great fine. Our baby gets only natural toys and she doesn’t miss the plastic ones!


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