I apologize for my lack of postage yesterday.

Writer’s block.  Plain and simple.

I guess I’ll just tell all y’all what’s up around here.

My 2 year old is breastfeeding our plastic honey bear.

My husband is returning from a valiant fight by way of winged griffin.  And while he does that, he’s also getting some coffee.

I am plotting an attempt at using coffee to dye some dolls that I will show y’all in an upcoming post.  I haven’t dyed anything since high school, when we did natural dyes as a project in fiber arts class.  I should probably google it before I begin, so I don’t screw anything up too royally.

Oh, now the 2 year old is spinning in circles in the middle of the floor, yelling what sound like war cries.  Her plumber’s crack is prominent above her too-big panties.  Oh, now she’s counting the buttons on the computer.  I tell you, it’s a mile a minute over here!

When I emerge from this empty fog that is my brain, I will say something more intelligent to you. In the meantime, enjoy your Saturday!


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