The Plot Thickens

Mom emailed me yesterday with some disturbing news.

Something else had been left in her mailbox. No postage, no addressee, no signature. She sent photos.

Mystery Postcard Side 1

Here’s the other side.

Mystery Postcard Side 2

You might think that this was some kind of weird church canvassing project in which children assembled postcards out of layers of construction paper and colored them with colored pencils, after which teens or adults wrote messages on them, because they had absolutely nothing better to do with their spare time and/or they don’t own a computer or copy machine.

But then you have to remember that Warner Milne Rd., Oregon City is a 15 – 20 minute drive from my parents’ house. And that there are many, many churches in between. Not exactly prime canvassing grounds.

But just to be sure, I called the number – the Oregon City Church of Christ – and left a message with the pastor. He called me back today and said that he was quite baffled. He even remarked, “Isn’t that illegal?”

Yes. Yes it is. It’s a federal offense to place something in someone else’s mailbox without their consent.

While this one wasn’t addressed to Dan and me, and the handwriting is not identical to our last mailbox mystery, it is hard not to put the two together, since they are both mysterious items left in my mom’s mailbox without postage. Plus, while Mom doesn’t live in OC, Dan and I do. We’re probably a 7 minute drive from the Oregon City Church of Christ.

[Twilight Zone theme plays]

Also, we all know Jesus, and my dad is a former elder of our church, so it doesn’t really make sense for someone to be trying to “convert” them to Christianity.

And why It seems random.

Any of you amateur detectives out there have a good theory?


4 Responses

  1. It’s obviously a girl. Weren’t you witnessing to a young mom or girl awhile back? Anybody you’ve been talking to that would know where your parents live?

  2. Kinda creepy

  3. Yep…definitely getting weirder by the minute. I have no theories why someone would be sending you this stuff…do you think maybe you should call the police or something? (just since this is so weird?)

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