A Mysterious Arrival

Yesterday, mom called me with some odd news.

She had received a curiously addressed package for me. After describing it, I told her she might not want to open it, in case it was a bomb. She didn’t heed my advice. She’s lucky to be alive today.

Anyway, I picked it up from her this afternoon. Check this out.

I’ve run a healing brush over the sensitive info, so that you can see that it’s there without being able to read it. Basically, the return address is my husband at our current address. The main address is to Jenni B—, my maiden name, at my parents’ address. The zipcode was only 9 and part of a 7.

There was no postage on it of any kind. It appears that our mysterious benefactor/perpetrator actually drove by and left it in my parents’ mailbox.

Inside, a thin plastic bag held shredded, multicolored paper.

Tearing the plastic open revealed this CD case for Illuminate by the David Crowder Band. It was not shrink-wrapped.

Now it gets even weirder (if that’s possible). Inside the case was a Chris Tomlin CD (See the Morning), rather than the album that corresponded with the case.

Upon further examination, I also found a felt letter “F” in the shredded paper.

Does this not read like a Sherlock Holmes book? I am so darn confused.

Dan says that he has never owned any music by either band, and he is just as confused as I am.

My one remaining POSSIBLE clue has already been thrown away, darn it! A few weeks ago, Dan and I received an envelope with no return address and a Portland postage cancellation (I think it was 97220, but I’m not sure). It contained a typed note, a 50 dollar bill, and a coupon to a steak restaurant. The note said that the $50 was intended for us to go on a date, and was signed “Your friends at Spring Mountain” (Spring Mountain is our church).

While I still have the bill and coupon, I have thrown away the envelope and letter. However, I THINK the handwriting on the two envelopes may have been the same. The writer on the package (and on the envelope?) writes their lower-case r’s like v’s, which is the main distinguishable feature.

The gift made sense – somebody wanted to give us some money anonymously because they love us – so I didn’t think anything weird of it. I just sent out an email to the church mailing list, thanking whoever our donor was. That was that.

But a mismatched CD with Dan on the return address and my maiden name? That is a little more mysterious.

Mom said that someone might be playing a practical joke on me. If they are, I really don’t get the joke. I’m stumped.

If you sent this, please come forward and save me from this bewilderment.

And if you know a good private detective looking for a pro bono job, please pass this post along!

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10 Responses

  1. umm… can you say “creepy?”

  2. Weird…I’d be creeped out too! It must be someone who knows you though…otherwise…how would they know all your pre-marriage info?

    I hope you find out soon! It would be driving me totally nuts!

    On a separate note…I wanted to say that I really enjoy this blog and the Budget Hippies and Make Shift Meals. You’re doing a great job!

  3. I am totally fascinated (and a little freaked). Does someone (a weird someone, that is) from your childhood have some sort of crush on you, maybe?
    Is there anything significant about the two bands—Crowder or Tomlin?
    (Sorry. I can’t help being nosy. I love puzzles!)

  4. This has nothing to do with your post, but I’m wondering if I can put a link to your blog on my own? For my own convenience! Are we friends enough to do that? 😉 I don’t know how else to get ahold of you!

  5. Of course, Harmony! You certainly don’t need to ask about that!

    As for the question about someone in my past, I don’t think so… With the albums, all I know is that they are both the same genre (Christian contemporary worship). Also, the album titles Illuminate and See the Morning are certainly similar… But gosh, where to go from there??

  6. Well, the titles seem to have to do with your resolution to wake up early.. 😉

    Sarah O.

  7. Lol! Good point, Sarah! I have no idea if they’re related, but it’s funny either way!

  8. i still think it’s creepy. 🙂 you’re going to have to keep us updated on what (if anything) develops.

  9. personally, I don’t think it is too creepy…kind of wish I had done it myself, alas.

  10. […] this one wasn’t addressed to Dan and me, and the handwriting is not identical to our last mailbox mystery, it is hard not to put the two together, since they are both mysterious items left in my […]

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