A Six AM Brain

I practiced getting up to my alarm four times last night.And then I woke up to it this morning, and my thought process went something like this:

Ugh. I am so tired. I didn’t get nearly enough sleep. It’s unhealthy to get up this early. Why am I getting up this early, again? I don’t have anything I have to DO this morning. I’m getting up just to say that I did. No point at all. That’s stupid and immature. My health should come first.

Head back on pillow. ZZZZZZZ.

Of course, when I woke up at 8, I realized the big mistake that I had made. This fits with the whole concept that Steve Pavlina talks about when he recommends practicing.

Essentially, he says that you cannot trust your early-morning brain. You must overcome it by making your actions rote, rather than something that you must think through every morning.

So, I’m gonna keep practicing. Hopefully I’ll be able to beat this early-morning “logic.” If I had a 7:30am appointment, getting up wouldn’t be a problem. It’s the hours of free time stretching ahead of me that prevent me from getting up. But it’s those very hours that I’m after – hours that I could spend getting my day started, doing housework, enjoying the silence.

I gotta keep chasing the dream.


Not a Morning Person

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