Put that black dress away!

Some of you may have noticed that I didn’t post yesterday. But don’t cry! I’m not dead! In fact, I posted over on Ellie and Fiffy Ann, so I did in fact keep my New Year’s resolution to post every day! Oh, phew.I was a pretty good girl yesterday.

I chose to stay up when Felicity woke me at 6:30 in the morning, even though she went back to sleep.

I ate an apple to perk me up in the morning, instead of chocolate chips (thanks to Amy for that idea – it worked!).

I chose the more wholesome breakfast cereal instead of Honey Nut Wannabes (not their actual name).

I took pictures of items and listed them on Craigslist even though it didn’t sound like any fun.

And, when my body started telling me that it was time for bed (that is, I yawned, my vision got a little blurry, and – most notably – I started to feel cold), I went to bed, even though I wanted to stay up and play games with Dan.

And when I got to bed, I spent two hours trying to overcome a sudden bout of nausea. And today I’m officially sick.

So I haven’t been as good of a girl today, because it’s easy not to be a good girl when you’re sick – you have a great excuse! However, I DID eat half a banana a minute ago, and I’m wearing professional-looking clothes (no makeup, tho), AND I have every intention of vacuuming or sweeping or something in a minute, because this website told me to, and JUST LOOK AT THOSE CUTE 50’s STYLE ILLUSTRATIONS, WILL YOU???

It makes me want a white, frilly half-apron. Again.

I’ve wanted a white, frilly half-apron since, like, puberty. [pout] But I’d settle for any vintage-looking cute apron, as long as it wasn’t an ugly brown-gold-pumpkin-green olive combo. My current aprons are from a garage sale that my aunt had… oh… 10 years ago? Don’t get me wrong – my current aprons are cute, teal-and-pink things. There’s nothing WRONG with them. I’m just kind of bored with them, and sometimes I get apron lust. I’ll be okay.

So 5 points yesterday, but only 2 so far today. I don’t know why I’m keeping track of this. Maybe I should make one of those posters like in grade school, where if you get enough points you’ll win a popcorn party or something.

Except I hate popcorn. Because we got enough points and had a popcorn party. And I ate too much.

While watching Milo and Otis, of all atrocities. Which is apparently Japanese.

And that is why 2nd grade was so detrimental to my stomach. In fact, when I smell popcorn, I still get nauseous.

If it’s buttery.

Okay, bye!

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2 Responses

  1. Apron lust, huh? You had too much food trauma – spidery oranges and too much buttery popcorn. Get well and think about foods you like. I’ll get you a white apron like you described if I ever see one.

  2. I hope you are feeling much better today. If it makes you feel any better. I had every intention of getting to my floors, but the teething baby had other ideas. Thank you for the link love.

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