So… how am I doin’?

I know! You’re all going absolutely CRAZY waiting to see how I did today! You’re probably sitting there, Makeshift Mama open in your browser, hitting refresh every few seconds. Well I’m sorry that you’ve wasted an hour waiting for me, but I’m here now and I’m ready to tell you how it all went down today. Or something like that.When I woke up this morning, I had to decide whether to put on my cozy pants by the bed, or walk over to the bathroom and put on the stiffer slacks that I had hanging up in there. I chose the slacks. 1 point

When it was getting to be kinda late in the afternoon, and I was tempted to put off shopping again, I got off my butt and headed out the door. 1 point

I was sampling some slices of citrus fruits at New Seasons, and I was about to eat one of them the way I usually do – just suck the juice out and discard – because I think that the pulp is icky. Instead, I decided to bite the bullet and rip off the whole thing, leaving just the peel. Because it’s probably healthier. Yay me! 1 point

Let me just say that I count the aforementioned decision among the best decisions of my life. If you have never had an organic Cara Cara orange, boy are you in for a treat! The pulpy stuff and the white pithiness were NOT EVEN ICKY. I’m serious. I have never eaten an orange this way before, but I proceeded to buy a bunch, take them home, cut one up, and EAT IT THE SAME WAY – PULP AND ALL! I’m still in shock.

You have to understand that one of my earliest childhood memories is watching my cousin Elisa cut through the center of an orange and find a spider inside. That turned me off to the whole oranges thing. A slightly later, still very early memory is of me taking a bite of an orange and deciding it wasn’t so bad after all. I stood up on my chair and shouted, “Hey, everybody! I LIKE ORANGES!!!!!” Because it was just that shocking. Because I hated them that much.

Unfortunately, by the next day I had changed my mind.

So yeah, I’m very excited about these amazing oranges. You should buy some. The citrus cocktail fruits are really good, too!

Moving right along…

I also chose to play computer games instead of interact with Ariel as much as I should have tonight. -1 point

But I’m posting right now, when I’d rather be playing, so hurray! 1 point

So that leaves me with 3 points. I can do better than that!

More tomorrow! I know you’re tingling with anticipation…

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