So, about all my drama…

I’ve been thinking about my dramatic post earlier this week, and I’ve come up with a plan. No, not a plan to become vegan; I have enough on my plate (no pun intended) without trying to tackle that right now.At least, I’m not going to OFFICIALLY tackle that, but my plan might help me head that way.

So here’s what I’m going to do: for the next week, I’m going to live intentionally. Every time I find myself faced with a decision in which I know that one of the choices will make me feel more proud of myself than the other, I’ll choose that one. And I’ll take note of these times and tell you all about them. I’m sure I’ll choose the wrong thing a few times, too, and I’ll be honest and tell you about them as well.

So, let’s see… today a few of my choices were:

Obey chocolate chip craving even though it’s late and they keep me up – NO! 🙂
Obey craving for second piece of honey toast even though I’m not hungry anymore? – YES – 😦
Succumb to temptation not to bother to cook soup? – NO! 🙂
Go to bed 10 minutes ago? – NO! 😦

Okay, I guess I’m not doing very well so far. But tomorrow I’ll have an extra incentive – I’ll know that I owe you all some good behavior! Okay – ready… set… GO!

….oh, btw, Felicity’s doing well with the sleeping in her own room thing! Since I put her down at 8 when I put Ariel down, she’s waking up in the middle of the night again, but the length of screaming time before she falls asleep has greatly improved. WOOHOO!

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