I’m a lucky woman…

Because my man has some good taste!

I’ve always been impressed with Dan’s fashion sense. He doesn’t spend a lot of time worrying about fashion, but, whether it’s clothing or decor, he always has an opinion about what looks good and what doesn’t. We usually agree, and, when we don’t, it’s often because I’ve fallen victim to some fad and now think something is cute that is truthfully ugly.I was at the end of my rope with Ariel a few days ago, so Dan, being the romantic man that he is, offered to take both girls off my hands for a little while that evening. He got the idea to take them to Old Navy, since he had a gift card, and Ariel has very few pants that fit.

**We interrupt this program to explain why Ariel’s pants don’t fit. As some of you already know, she has always been a lean girl – below the charts for weight – with her Daddy’s enviable metabolism. Clothing her has been easy these past 6 months, though, because we’ve been cloth diapering her. We started because of a rash, and this past month we ended because of a rash. She’s in generic disposables now, which don’t seem to be bothering her like the Pampers did. But disposables are considerably less bulky than cloth, and now the Buttless Wonder has been walking around dressed like a gangster.**

When he walked back through the door, the look on his face could only be described as triumphant.

Ain’t she cute? And scrawny?

The jeans are baggy on her in this pic, but they have an adjustable waistband that we can pull in to make them fit better. Don’t you love the butterfly pockets?

The shirt is really so much cuter in person than it even looks in the pic. The “layered” sleeves are that waffle-weave long john material. Too cute for words!

Here’s a better pic of the shirt, from the Old Navy site.

And honestly, if I had seen these clothes in the store, I probably would have walked right past them. And that would have been sad.

Does Dan have mad skills or what?

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3 Responses

  1. Cute butterfly pockets, yes – but I’m not sure about that “Buttless Wonder” comment! Poor kid! You’ll give her a complex! 🙂 Nice job, Dan.

  2. I LOVE Old Navy’s jeans for those adjustable waists! They are fantastic. Good job Mr. S! I’m impressed!Could the rash be an excema reaction to something she’s eating that just happens to coincide with the diaper change? I mean, that is a stretch, but it is odd that switching BACK to disposables has the same effect as switch TO cloth. I use Super Duper Diaper Doo and blend in some probiotic powder straight out of the capsules we take. If it’s a yeasty rash, the probiotics will gobble it right up.

  3. They were two totally different rashes. The rash from the pampers was an itchy friction burn looking thing at the top of her butt and some redness along the genital area. The cloth rash was almost certainly ammonia burns. She pees so much, and it’s really hard to keep her dry. Plus, she leaked at pretty much every diaper change with the cloth…

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