Why, what could this be?

Well, goodness me! If it isn’t the first issue of my free subscription to Health magazine!How did I ever get so lucky, you ask?

Well, let me tell you!

I joined SheSpeaks several months back. It’s a website for women that allows you to test new products and give feedback, and they pay you with free stuff! I spent a few minutes surfing around the new MyAOL page, and they gave me a 6-month subscription!

Now I’m not being paid to endorse this (obviously – my audience isn’t big enough!). And to be honest, this was the only opportunity that I’ve received to test a product since I signed up. But hey, free magazine! Who couldn’t use some health tips to start the new year off right?

If SheSpeaks sounds cool to you, go check it out!

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One Response

  1. Woo! I just joined! 🙂

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