WFMW: Themed Edition

This week’s Works-For-Me Wednesday is themed – we are supposed to ask a question for the readers to answer. In keeping with one of my New Year’s resolutions, I’d like to ask:What is a good, caffeine-free way to wake up and perk up in the morning?Thanks everyone! Check out Rocks In My Dryer for more WFMW goodness!

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11 Responses

  1. Here’s a couple of things I do sometimes:
    1. Shower…that blast of cold water b4 the hot comes thru….brrr!
    2. Step outside into the cold…same effect as above
    3. Eat…as crazy as it sounds eating….lol
    4. Screaming kids….’nuff said

    If they don’t help ya, hopefully I made you smile anyways!

  2. My husband uses this to wake up.

    I’m not that dedicated though 🙂

  3. I have read, from multiple sources, that eating an apple in the morning actually perks you up more than a cup of coffee, but I don’t think it’s really true. Still, couldn’t hurt, and it keeps the doctor away.

    Please stop by and check out my question today – it’s a doozy.


  4. A big glass (at least 24 ozs.) of water, and stretching. Here’s the book I use:

  5. Stretching and a few simple exercises. But stretching is the big wake-up part. Think about it: what’s the first thing your dog or cat does when it wakes up from a nap? Stretch, of course!

    It feels good, gets the blood moving, and will keep you limber.

  6. Hi Jenni!
    This works for me:
    1. Stand very close to mirror.
    2. Force eyes to open.
    3. Horror of seeing myself up close always makes my “fight or flight” response kick in.
    4. Shuffle to kitchen sink.
    5. Turn on annoying morning show LOUD.
    6. Wash pots, dishes, etc. in HOT water while kettle boils.
    7. Pour water, squeeze in lemon (for coffee days, make coffee).
    8. Feed cat and purposely smell cat food—if that doesn’t get my system revolting, nothing will.
    9. Put hair into tight twist and clip.
    10. Start yelling at 14-year-old to get up.
    There, all awake now!
    Attack all the senses and you can’t help but wake.
    My WFMW Backwards Day is similar to yours, HOW TO GET THE KIDS UP? Im somewhere in the 80s on today’s list.

  7. I like to drink a glass of ice water!

  8. It’s a fantasy. If you are a mom, caffeine is required for waking up.

  9. A lot easier said than done, but get up at the same time every day. If you can manage it, go to bed at the same time too!

  10. Is decaf an option?? The best part of coffee for me is the smell. MMMM!!!

  11. For my morning routine, I get up- with the first alarm. If you snooze, it just encourages you to stay asleep. If you do snooze, set a limit of how many times you will allow yourself to snooze.
    Then, I go get a shower. This helps wake me up.
    Once I am out of the shower, I turn on music. If there are still other people in the house, get some headphones.
    I also do my Bible study in the mornings, so that helps wake me up- unless I am really sleepy, at which point I put the Bible down and come back to it later.
    You can try drinking a cold glass of water, juice, or milk and eat something.
    Don’t sit down. If you are tempted to fall back asleep or fall into a daze, keep moving.
    I hope these suggestions help!

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