Because I know you care…

Awhile back, I told all y’all that I had scored a new computer in exchange (more or less) for agreeing to play World of Warcraft with Dan. Would you like an update?

You would? Oh, good!

Well, I started out as an Undead Rogue, because it’s easier to play Horde than Alliance, apparently. Translation: My first character was a zombie who specializes in sneaking around, because the bad guy team has an easier time than the good guy team.

Her name is Kariah.

I thought about showing you a pic of Kariah, but once I signed on and got a good look at her, I changed my mind. I didn’t want to gross you all out. Of course, when I’m playing, I just see an image of her cloaked backside, so the grossness doesn’t bother me too much. She’s a level 16 (the levels are 1-70).

Then, two days ago, I made a Human Rogue. Her name is Kyli.

Isn’t she hott? šŸ™‚

Kyli is a level 10. Both of my Rogues are Herbalists and Alchemists. Translation: I run around picking flowers and stuff and then I make potions that can heal me in battle or make me stronger or whatever.

Watch me kick butt!

I’m officially hooked on this game – not that I needed another vice, or another use for my time. And yet, I’m strangely happy with my fate. Which is probably further proof of just how ill I am with this dreaded disease.

Ah, well! Time to go back-stab some more bandits so I can collect their red bandannas…

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One Response

  1. Rogues rule! I have tried many other classes and nothing holds my interest like my 67 Orc rogue.

    I’m glad you are having fun with Wow. I’m about to start playing again – just have to move my desk out of Sophia’s room!

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