I’ve been a bad girl.

The last few nights, I’ve stayed up past midnight with Dan playing World of Warcraft. Shameful, I know, especially when I’m supposed to be developing these mad early rising skills I’ve been talking about. Well, I thought I could get away with it, but last night it caught up with me.As I went to get ready for bed at 12:15, I felt dizzy. Not just mildly dizzy for a moment, but quite dizzy the entire time that I brushed my teeth, removed my makeup, and applied my moisturizer. I crawled into bed and closed my eyes, and that’s when the fun started.Well, now I know what vertigo is! I felt like I was spinning in circles and couldn’t stop. It was like trying to go to sleep on the Tilt-A-Whirl (which, by the way, is my all-time favorite ride, although not my favorite place to sleep). And it just kept going and going and GOING!

But then Dan came to bed, and he snuggled up to me and held me close for a very long time. So, in the end, I would say that last night was a very good night.

But the POINT, ladies and gentlemen (gentleman? Matty, it’s probably just you, huh?), is that I did not get up at 6am this morning. But I do not feel like a failure. And the reason why is this: My resolution was NOT to get up at 6am every morning this year, it was to DEVELOP A HABIT and CHANGE A LIFESTYLE, and that does not happen overnight. Or over three nights.

So tonight, I intend to start getting ready for bed by ten, so that I can be certain to be in bed before eleven. And then I will get up at 6 again tomorrow morning. No sweat!

Oh, and Felicity screamed for 45 minutes last night, and then slept for…. Oh gosh my head is so foggy at night. I want to say that she woke up at 1:30 but that I let her cry for a minute and she went back asleep, and then I didn’t actually move her from the crib to the swing until she woke up at 5am. But however it went, I can say for a fact that Felicity did not wake up anytime between 9:30 and 1am, and that is definitely an improvement.

Keep crossing your fingers for us!

Since these are both big resolutions to tackle, I won’t be posting about my other ones for at least a few weeks, to give me a chance to make these changes first. I’ll keep you posted on how stuff goes, but I’ll also post about other things, cuz I’m sure some of you are getting bored with this topic. Sorry – I just can’t please all the people all the time! 😛

I’ll leave you with this pic that I took of my girls on Wednesday. Aren’t they cute!


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2 Responses

  1. I think you’re smart to establish new habits a few at a time.
    Oh…and I left some motherly wisdom for you over at The Baker’s Dozen 🙂 I know nothing about the ages of your children, so my “wisdom” may not apply yet, but your comment was a big part of my motivation to share!
    – Debbie

  2. I was going to mention, about Felicity’s new sleeping arrangements…the reason she may favor the swing (other than habit) is that if she, like many allergy babies, has any kind of reflux (which can be “silent” and you’ll never even know it), the upright position of the swing will be much more comfortable for her.

    If you can recreate that inclined position in her crib, you might have a better time getting her to sleep there.

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