Christmas Has Left the Building

It’s all packed away!

[sigh of relief]

The funny thing about Christmas is that when it comes it makes you feel all warm and cozy, and when it leaves it makes you feel all clean and aired-out. It’s kinda nice.

I asked Ariel to help me put everything away. She quickly agreed, and spent the rest of the time playing with the beads that had been on the Christmas tree. I can’t say I minded, though; isn’t this what memories are made of?

But look, everything Christmas in our house is in this tub! Isn’t it beautiful?

Of course, the reason why it all fits in one tub is that we have less than 800 square feet. I wonder if some day I, like my mom, will have a good 15 boxes or so to lug downstairs every December. Hopefully not quite that many. But I would like my home to be a little Christmassier.

Notice that total word improvisation right there! Impressed?


2 Responses

  1. OMG! are you doing 365???? i’m debating… still. can’t decide. what’s your plan for action? just gonna wing it or do you have a strategy?

  2. Yeah I’m goin’ for it – It’ll be a challenge for sure, but NoBloPoMo was stretching in a really good way, and I’m excited to do 365. Obviously I’ve got Tuesdays and Wednesdays worked out. And that toolbar I was telling you about that takes you to random websites throws SO much awesome stuff at me. Stuff that can inspire blog posts, or that I would post links to. So I’m not too worried about coming up with material… Plus I’m trying to work on my photography skills, so I can post some of that, too.

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