So what makes a blog good?

I created this blog yesterday, but I failed to write a post. You want to know why? Because I didn’t want to mess it up.

Sad, huh? And yet, it makes sense. My other blog, Ellie and Fiffy Ann, started very casual with only a few readers, and was a spill-over from an even more casual first blog. It was… messy.

But my participation in NaBloPoMo did two things for my blogging experience.

First, it changed my blog. No longer is it simply a place to update friends and family on the girls’ development. It has become an extension of me – a place to record my thoughts, feelings, experiences, and life lessons, as well as share little tips and recipes and such with my readers.

Second, it gave me some outside readers. It’s amazing how much your blogging style changes – your blogging ATTITUDE changes – when you know that many of your readers do not have preconceived notions about you. I have gone from sharing what I think people will want to read to sharing myself and seeing how people respond to it. Every entry is a potential introduction, as well as an update, and that is empowering. It gives me the ability to clearly articulate who I am NOW, free from the restraints that lifelong relationships impose.

So, yesterday, the feelings that I had as I stared and my empty new blog were similar to the feelings that I once experienced the night before starting high school, as I stared into my closet. How will I present myself? This is a clean slate – a fresh chance to say who I am! What shall I present, and how?

The question stumped me.

But a few minutes ago, I suddenly hit the answer – HONESTY. And so I came back over here and started writing. Because I think most of you can spot a fake – can spot someone who is trying to carefully write what they think the readers want rather than what they really feel and think and want to communicate.

One of the first comments that I got from a reader I didn’t know read, “I read your blog quite a bit because I also have 2 babies (15 months and 6 weeks) I can always relate to you . . . Some days, I feel guilty for wanting to run out of the house as soon as my hubby gets home. I’m glad I’m not alone. Thanks for your honesty.”

Doesn’t that say it all?

So welcome to my blog! The idea over here it to have something that is a little less “my girls” and a little more “me.” I mean, I love my girls to death, and they are a huge part of my life, but they are not my life. Much of my life revolves AROUND them, yes. And I’m sure that some of you can relate to that.

So I want to spend my time over here talking less about Ariel and Felicity and more about what it means to be Ariel and Felicity’s mom. I want to talk about how much I love being their mom, about how I get through the tough days, about how I “keep it together,” and about the hilarity that ensues when “it” falls apart!

And if you like the real me, you’re welcome to join me!


2 Responses

  1. Very cool idea. This will be fun to read!

  2. HELL.YES. good girl! every mama needs a bitch blog… good for sanity and for the soul. and it’s freeing to let the honesty flow. i can’t wait to read what spills over onto these (web)pages!

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